The Rotary Club of Port Hawkesbury and Bouman Group

The Rotary Club of Port Hawkesbury of which Rolf Bouman is a member has been joining on many occasions with Mr. Bouman’s corporate group of Nova Scotian companies. In the year 2010 they constructed together a playground for children in Port Hawkesbury and on other occasions they have been displaying Canadian culture jointly on an international level. One of these events happened in Hamburg in 2019 at the Rotary International Convention where the First Nations initiative Friends United which Mr. Bouman and his corporate group founded displayed Canadian-Indigenous culture in Europe.First Nations artists, former Nova Scotia premier Rodney MacDonald and Mr. Bouman displayed with his staff the importance of Canada’s First Nations to an international audience. In this video you will see a short summary of the trip from Nova Scotia to Hamburg which the Friends United Initiative made in order to represent the Rotary Club of Port Hawkesbury and its joint projects with Friends United. 40,000 Rotarians from all across the world met for one week at the Rotary International Convention in Hamburg in 2019. Many friendships and partnerships were formed here and North America’s First Nations were able to have the possibility to communicate what their culture is all about to the world. This short video clip features only a small insight into what the Friends United initiative is displaying on a 24,000 square foot display area in Cape Breton. Anybody who has interest in Indigenous art, culture and heritage should view the facility. Visits are always free of charge as Rolf Bouman and his staff believe that such an important piece of Canadian heritage should be viewable to everybody. Approximately 40 Indigenous artists from all across Canada have their artwork on display including totem poles which were made from 500-year-old logs right at the site Friends United International Convention Centre in Cape Breton. Visitors often have a chance to interact with and speak to the artists themselves as many artists do not only work here, but also live on-site as the Bouman group of companies provides through its Nova Scotian companies Canadian Pioneer Estates Ltd., Canec Land Developments Inc., and (Ad)Venture Canada Publishing Inc. free housing to Indigenous artists while they work at the Friends United International Convention Centre.